Super duper busy!!

Well, after John and I got married on the best day of my life, I’ve been going 100 MPH non-stop since! My parents gifted us the house in Kotzebue. We are still moving them out and us in. I’m just so happy it’s summer time and that I don’t have to do all this in the winter.

I also flew down to Dallas/Ft. Worth with my two awesomely behaved children and my 2 year old niece, who is somewhat of a handful but for the most part she was pretty well behaved. The kids loved Texas and are already asking to go back. I rented a nice truck and drove from DFW to Killeen, and then drove back to DFW with my two kids and spent the night and left the next day on our adventure home. We flew all day and spent the night in Anchorage and came home the next morning. I was so happy to be home!

My chicks are doing well and my hens are still making tons of eggs. I’ll post another post later when I line up some pictures of the hatch I had last month from my home made incubator.


About tundrachicks

I am the Chicken Momma of the Arctic. I live in Kotzebue, above the Arctic Circle in Alaska. I raise chickens for meat, and to keep for egg layers. I also do some Turkey's and this next spring maybe some quail.
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