“Pretty Eggs Auntie! “

My baby niece Rea knows that we have real live chickens. She baaaaq baaaaq’s all over the house and if you ask her “what does a chicken do?” she dances around the room with her hands under her armpits and baaaq baaaaaq’s.

One day I was bringing eggs in to my mom’s house and she was sitting in her high chair demanding breakfast, she wanted eggs! The little girl is spoiled by my mom she is a short order cook that makes whatever she demands. Usually its just eggs and by eggs she means scrambled eggs and if she demands eggs and bread its an egg sandwich. I brought the eggs in and she made the best proclamation in her only 2 years of her life “PRETTY EGGS AUNTIE!!” and pointed at my eggs.

Even a 2 year old knows that my eggs are pretty! 🙂




About tundrachicks

I am the Chicken Momma of the Arctic. I live in Kotzebue, above the Arctic Circle in Alaska. I raise chickens for meat, and to keep for egg layers. I also do some Turkey's and this next spring maybe some quail.
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