I was looking at my stat’s on my blog and the number one search engine resulting in people finding my blog is:


yeah. nudist! that’s crazy! I mentioned ONE comment on nudist and that is the NUMBER ONE reason people are looking at my blog. Maybe someone can write a blog about nudists so that I don’t have to worry about people being disappointed when they get to my blog and it has nothing to do with being a nudist.

The only reason my dad used to tease me and say “send all your friends over (for Halloween) I’m dressing up as a nudist this year!” was because he had polio when he was a boy and it affected his leg, his ability to jump and walk, and sometimes to walk at all. This is why he did not like Halloween, we have a big house and it was hard for him to get up and walk to the door every time a kid knocked on the door for candy. That’s it, no nudity going on in my house, just a joke my dad used to say to get us to tell our friends not to come over cause his leg was bum and he couldn’t spend the entire night walking back and forth to hand out candy…. sorry for disappointing all you fans of nudity or nudists. 😀


About tundrachicks

I am the Chicken Momma of the Arctic. I live in Kotzebue, above the Arctic Circle in Alaska. I raise chickens for meat, and to keep for egg layers. I also do some Turkey's and this next spring maybe some quail.
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One Response to hmmmm……

  1. Hahaha! I sometimes look and see what brings people to my blog, and some of the words or phrases are shocking. LOL

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