Keeping warm, at -45!

It’s cooooooold here in Kotzebue. It’s been below 20 F for at least 2 weeks. My chickens are happy and warm though.


Here they are scratching the floor for corn.


My little white Banty fluffing up to warm up. She still lays an egg a day even though it’s so cold.


My oh so frozen window. I carved a big smiley face in it afterward, so all the kids passing by would see the red light shining through.

Stay warm, like my chickens!!


About tundrachicks

I am the Chicken Momma of the Arctic. I live in Kotzebue, above the Arctic Circle in Alaska. I raise chickens for meat, and to keep for egg layers. I also do some Turkey's and this next spring maybe some quail.
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One Response to Keeping warm, at -45!

  1. Misty says:

    Hey! I found you.
    Have been talking to the hubster about your chickens. Its fairly common around here to keep chickens n ive done a little research: trying to get myself more organized…but mentioning how youve been able to keep ur chickens alive well n still laying eggs at -45 has got my hunny’s interest piqued gain. I’ll be visiting ur blog more. Nice to have met u in person! Enjoy the sun while ir down in ci: we just hit ABOVE ZERO this a.m!

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