little ornaments, big ornaments

My most loveliest, handsomest, awesomest fiancé got me a new iPhone for Christmas! So now you will enjoy the post I wanted to write a couple weeks ago about my blown quail and seagull egg ornaments.






I’m on my phone now and I apologize for not knowing the WordPress app well. I think this added all the photo’s I just took.

You’ll have to just match my description to the photo while reading it. 🙂

One photo is of my seagull egg ornament. I blew out this egg myself a couple of years ago and it was sitting on top my knife magnet waiting to be used. (I think it’s the bottom picture)

Another photo is of the tiny quail egg ornament. I got these eggs from eBay. I think I paid 75 cents an egg plus shipping and handling. They are so cute!

I also made earrings out of the quail eggs. One set for me and two for my two sisters. I made two extra sets and gave them to the first two friends who showed up at my door. It was fun posting on Facebook, the first two people to come to my door will get a set of quail egg earrings. 🙂


About tundrachicks

I am the Chicken Momma of the Arctic. I live in Kotzebue, above the Arctic Circle in Alaska. I raise chickens for meat, and to keep for egg layers. I also do some Turkey's and this next spring maybe some quail.
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5 Responses to little ornaments, big ornaments

  1. gail says:

    The ornaments are adorable! I know that many cultures have legends about it being lucky to have a bird’s nest in your christmas tree, so it must be extra lucky to have so many eggs! 🙂

  2. Al says:

    Great Pictures!!! The egg shells are each unique. The tree is decorated beautifully.
    How is the watch and wait from your previous post going? Too suspensful without more info.

  3. Al says:

    I just sent my previous e-mail Jan 4 at about 6:20 am Alaska Standard time and it shows it being sent at 3:20pm.
    Just wondering if it’s the computer clock or program clock or what?
    Or maybe the program is somewhere in the world where it’s 3:20 pm.
    No big deal, just wondering.

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