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A Family Portriat

Here is a picture of my little family that a professional took a couple of years ago. Enjoy! 🙂   Advertisements

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techinical difficutly.

ugh. my beloved iPhone died. I’m sad. This also means I’m forced to use my real camera that John bought me to take pictures with. I have an Olympus Tuff. It can take pictures under water and do all kinds … Continue reading

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birds of a warmer feather

Every year we try to make two trips to Hawaii. Last year I took the kids by myself on one trip and then John joined us on another trip. When I had the kids myself we walked to the surf … Continue reading

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15 second of Fame!

I once made the FRONT PAGE of Anchorage Daily News. Yep, FRONT PAGE! No, I didn’t kill anyone, or get busted for anything crazy. I just raise chickens and write about it. Yep, that’s it. I raise chickens and I … Continue reading

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The Finn in Me!

My dad is from a Finnish Family. Kokko family. Both of is parents are Finnish, and he is full blooded Finn. I’m half Eskimo, Inupiaq, and half Finnish. Pure half-breed! Well I’d like to share some photo’s of my dad’s … Continue reading

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Home Grown Goodness

Last year while my fiance John was filming a movie I had eight broiler chicks come in with my new laying hens. They were ugly, ate everything in sight and reminded me of little dinosaurs. They acted like they were … Continue reading

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cheep, cheep, woof!

My little black dog Minni loves baby chicks. She even loves when the chickens are grown up, she chases them around the yard and herds them back into the fence when I let them out to eat greens. I often … Continue reading

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