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Picture Perfect

  This picture is of me as an infant and my most loving Mother. As you can see we are dressed in our native skins and traditional wear. My Mother is wearing a Muskrat belly parky with Wolverine trim and … Continue reading

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Happy Turkey Day!

Sorry I missed a few days of posts during the Thanksgiving Holiday. I was a bit busy working extra at work and our son came in from Anchorage to be with us for Thanksgiving so we’ve been trying to keep … Continue reading

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Cleaning Eggs, 101.

Today I went to collect eggs at my chicken coop. I was out of town from Thursday until Saturday and Sunday I was too busy to go over. So from Thursday to Monday afternoon my awesomely awesome chickens laid 47 … Continue reading

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Different Eggs

I have had the chance to eat all kinds of eggs. If someone offers you an egg of a different type, eat it! When hens first start to lay it takes a few weeks of laying for their eggs to … Continue reading

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Blackfish Hunters

John and I brought the kids to a couple of culverts this past summer to hunt for black fish. John calls it fishing but I call it hunting. Either John or I would walk about half way into the culvert … Continue reading

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Best Chicken Auntie EVER!

My younger sister Elsa is the best Chicken Auntie Ever. She always helps me out when I need it and she never complains about the smell. Even when she was pregnant with Rea she helped me clean the chicken coop. … Continue reading

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more cute chick pictures

This was my first set of chicks. awe. so cute! even more cute! Minni makes sure her baby chick is okay. this is a little RIR. awe. double awe!

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a few of my favorite things…

Baby Birds are my favorite! They are so cute. They fall asleep when you hold them up side down. They like snuggling. They sleep in the most strangest positions it makes you question if they are dead or alive. They … Continue reading

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just a little post for you to enjoy!

Well since I dont have too much time to write I thought I’d share a few pictures and some short stories that go along with them. enjoy! This is pretty much my life. Chicken eggs, my awesome leather purse and … Continue reading

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Continued Home Made Incubator and results!

Well here is my continued post on my home made incubator and the results that came out of it. Of all the eggs that got set I candled them at about 12 days and I could clearly see which eggs … Continue reading

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